Adding a slideshow or gallery


  • Add a new section to your page, then click 'Add content here'.
  • Choose the 'Gallery' icon. The Media Manager will open.
  • Click to select the images you'd like to add to your gallery, or upload new ones via 'My Files' > 'Upload new File'.
  • When you're finished, close the Media Manager.
  • Your gallery will display on the page.


Editing the gallery/slideshow


  • Open the right sidebar using the arrow icon in the top right to access the editing options.
  • Here you can choose whether to display your images as a Gallery or Slideshow, and set how many images to display in one row! If you select the slideshow, you can also toggle autoplay on/off and show/hide the slideshow navigation dots.
  • To delete an image, hover over the specific image in the right sidebar and click the red 'x' icon.
  • To replace an image, double-click on the image you want to replace in the sidebar, then select a new one from the Media Manager.
  • To add a new image, double click on the main slideshow/gallery component to bring up the Media Manager.



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