Adding/editing a text box


Adding a text box

  • Within a column, click 'Click to add content' and select the 'Text' option.
  • A line of title text and a line of body text will appear on the page.
  • Double-click either box to edit the text. You can delete a text box by clicking the 'x' button while it is selected.


Formatting text

Click to select a text box. Here you can edit the text format including:

  • Bold/italic/underline: Highlight any characters in the box and choose to make the selected text bold, italic or underlined.
  • Alignment: Place your cursor on any row or highlight more than one row, then use the alignment options to align the selected rows to the left, right or centre.
  • Link: Highlight any text and click the link icon, add your link URL then click the tick icon to create a hyperlink within your text. If you want the text to link to another section of your page, enter #example (replace 'example' with the section id).


Text style

Click the arrow on the right to expand the right sidebar if it doesn't display. Click in a text box to select it, and from there you can edit:

  • Background: Add a background colour or image fill to your text box.
  • Font & size: Under the 'Text' section in the right sidebar, choose a font style and change the size using the slider.
  • Colour: Under the 'Style' section in the right sidebar, choose a colour for your text.


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