Editing blog style

This guide covers how to change different aspects of your blog style. NB: This is not where you add/edit posts and images. This is done in the post editor.


  • Navigate to your blog page in the editor. If you haven't created a blog page yet, you can follow this guide.
  • To change your post list style, double click three times on the blog text, or until the 'Font' and 'Style' tabs appear in the floating Editor. You can change the following separately:
  1. Post title
  2. Post content
  3. Author and date
  4. Comment count



  • Once you have selected the element, from the 'Font' tab you can edit the text style, colour and alignment.
  • Under the 'Style' tab you can change the background colour and border for that element (e.g. the post title).
  • Once you save the style changes on one post in your post list, all posts will change to the new style.


  • You can also change the individual post style in the same way. Under the main toolbar, choose 'Post view' from the dropdown menu.
  • Again, once you save the change all individual post pages will take on this style.
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