Payment and orders

Adding your PayPal account



At the moment our shop tool only offers the ability to receive payments for orders via PayPal. To add your PayPal account:

  • Click the 'Shop' tab in the main toolbar, then the 'Settings' tab.
  • Choose 'General Settings' > Add the email address associated with your PayPal account.
  • All order notifications and payments will now go directly to this account.

All notifications for payments made through the shop are sent by PayPal. They will send an e-mail to you (the seller) containing details of the order that's been placed on the shop. This includes product and delivery details of the buyer. PayPal will also send an order confirmation email to the buyer, confirming details of the purchase.

NB: Checkout on the mobile shop is only available on Plus and Max packages. Alternatively you can use 'Desktop view' via 'Mobile' in the main menu under the 'Settings' tab.


Changing shop currency

You can change your shop currency following these steps:

  • Click the 'Shop' tab in the main toolbar, then the 'Settings' tab.
  • Choose 'General Settings' > Click the padlock icon to choose a currency.

The following currencies are supported in the shop:


Express Checkout Currency Currency Code
Australian Dollar  AUD
Canadian Dollar  CAD
Czech Koruna  CZK
Danish Krone  DKK
Euro  EUR
Hungarian Forint  HUF
Japanese Yen  JPY
Norwegian Krone  NOK
New Zealand Dollar NZD
Polish Zloty  PLN
Pound Sterling  GBP
Singapore Dollar SGD
Swedish Krona  SEK
Swiss Franc  CHF
U.S. Dollar  USD
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