Editing mobile site

You can change various aspects of your mobile site, when you choose the optimised view via the Mobile Settings panel.


Preview your mobile site




  • Click on 'Mobile' in the main toolbar > 'Mobile preview' under the toolbar.
  • You can navigate every page of your mobile site here to preview how it looks. Click the 'Menu' button on the preview window to change pages.


Change mobile colours

  • Click on 'Mobile' in the main toolbar.
  • From the left sidebar, choose the colours for different areas including header text and site background. This will affect every page of your mobile site.



Arrange content




  • Click on 'Mobile' in the main toolbar > 'Arrange content' under the toolbar.
  • On the right sidebar you will see a list of all content on that specific page.



  • The eye icon indicates which content is visible. Clicking on the icon will toggle the content visibility on/off.
  • You can rearrange content by clicking, holding and dragging the three line icon next to the element, and moving it up and down the list.



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