Template settings


Click the 'Design' tab in the main toolbar. On the left sidebar the following options are displayed:

  • Default font style - Set the default font style, size and colour when you add body/title text to a page.
  • Site size - Choose the height and width of your site. Select 'Custom' from the dropdown menu to specify the exact size in pixels. You can change individual page lengths using this guide.
  • Site margins - Add a margin around your website (measured in pixels).
  • Site alignment - Align your site to the left/right, top/bottom or centre.
  • Wallpaper - Add a wallpaper image to your site, or choose a background colour (BG colour). The BG colour will span your entire website in the browser.
  • Icon - Change the icon displayed in the address bar when visiting your site. NB: The icon must be in .ico format and 16x16px. You can use a generator to create your icon, e.g. Dynamic Drive.
  • Site background - Under the 'Page Background' heading in the left sidebar. NB: This is separate to the BG colour accessed via 'Wallpaper and icon'. This changes the inner site colour - the background within your site margins. If you want a colour to span your entire site, make sure to change 'BG colour'.
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