Subscribing to a package

When you first sign up with Moonfruit, you'll be put onto a Trial account. The Trial will give you access to the Standard package features for 14 days.

After this period you will need to upgrade your account to one of our paid options to keep your website. Our paid plan features can be viewed here.


Subscribing to a paid package

You can subscribe online on a monthly or annual rate, and pay using a credit or debit card. 

  • Login via, go to ‘Pricing’. You can select what currency you would like to pay with, and whether you take a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Next, click ‘Buy now’ on the package of your choice.
  • After clicking 'Buy now', you can process your payment safely and securely via our payment gateway. We also set up a regular payment for your convenience. This continues to take payments automatically from your card when your subscription expires so that your site remains continuously open to you and your visitors. NB: Your payment will appear on your statement as made to 'SiteMaker Software Ltd'.


Are there any other costs?

You don’t pay any more than what is shown on our pricing page, unless you want to buy your own domain name.

We provide you with a free site address e.g., but you can buy your own additional domain name e.g., and use that as your address instead.

To see what’s available, please see the domain pricing page.

Note: The higher Annual packs (Standard, Plus or Max) include free domain vouchers, which can be used to buy additional domains. 




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