Webmail problems

Below is a list of some common Webmail issues, and how to resolve them. Please note this is for Webmail only - if you are accessing your mail through another client such as Outlook, please find the dedicated guide here.


Login Error

The usual cause for this is an incorrect password. To change your password:

  • Log into moonfruit.com and go to ‘Account’ > ‘Domains’.
  • Go to ‘Manage’ > ‘Email & Settings’.
  • Select the mailbox from the dropdown menu and click 'Change my settings'.
  • Check the ‘Change password’ button, create a new password (make sure the password you enter is at least 8 characters long and does not contain any words from the English dictionary) and click ‘OK’.

An error could also occur if you are using the incorrect email address to log in. Make sure you are logging into an actual mailbox, rather than an alias. You can view all current mailboxes for a domain from the second dropdown within the Email & Settings area.


Cannot send/receive mail

The most common cause is creating an alias that conflicts with one of your mailboxes, for example a mailbox and alias set up as info@yourdomain.com. If an email is sent to info@ then the system won't know which mailbox to deliver it to, so it will fail. For this reason it's important to check your aliases and remove any that conflict.


Quota Exceeded

If the total amount of mail within your mailboxes exceeds the storage limit of 1GB, individuals may receive the following message when attempting to email you: 'Quota exceeded (mailbox for user is full)'.

This means you'll need to delete some of your emails to free up some space for incoming/outgoing mail. Sometimes however, moving mail to Trash will fail, due to your mailbox being completely full. To resolve this, you need to make a change to your mailbox settings. Navigate to http://webmail.eu.com and log in with your mailbox name and password.



  • Click on 'Settings' in the top right corner.
  • Go to 'Server Settings', then select 'If moving messages to Trash fails, delete them'.

Any mail you send to Trash when your mailbox quota is used up will now be deleted permanently, bypassing the Trash folder completely. You may wish to turn off this option once you have cleared sufficient space, so you can go back to using the Trash folder in the normal way.



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