Domains Introduction

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address people use to find your website online e.g.

So, anyone wanting to take a look at your site would simply type the domain name into the address bar of any browser window, and hit the return key of their keyboard.

The domain should be memorable, unique and contain less than 63 characters (no spaces). They are not case-sensitive.

When you buy a domain name it is registered to you for the chosen number of years. When that period is over you need to renew the domain.


What is a domain registrar?

When you buy a domain online, you do so through a domain registrar.  Basically, this is a company that sells domain names.

Because we can’t host domains directly, we have to register them on your behalf with our domain registrar Gandi.

When you place your domain order, we register it with You are the owner of the domain just as you would had you registered it with them yourself and the only difference is that we take care of all the technical settings automatically.


What is a domain handle?

When you register your first domain name with us, Gandi allocate you a domain ‘Handle’. This is a unique ID that is also linked to any further domains you register through your Moonfruit account.



Short for Domain Name Servers. This could be regarded as an address book that holds the details of your domain name and the IP address. If you register or transfer a domain to us, we manage the DNS on your behalf. Examples of records within the DNS include:

A Record: The ‘Address record’ specifies the IP assigned to a domain name. So, anyone who types the domain name gets sent to the IP address and the right website.

CNAME Record: This record can be used to create sub-domains. So, if you own, you could use the CNAME to create the aliases or/and


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