Domain pointing update: Action may be required by 18th March

These changes are only required if your domain is hosted elsewhere (not with Moonfruit) and is pointing to Moonfruit. If you have already made these changes then no further action is required.

We've been making some changes to our servers to ensure a smoother service. As a result some updates are required to your DNS settings to ensure your site continues to work after 18th March 2016.

DNS is the Internet phone book, of sorts, which allows your website visitors to type the domain name into a web browser and arrive at the server hosting your website. 

If you have chosen to register your domain name with a provider other than Moonfruit then we are unable to make these change for you.

You must take the following actions or your website will become unavailable on 18th March 2016.

Please log-in to the DNS provider you have registered your domain name with and make the following changes:

* The top level A record (may be called an @ / Apex / Bare / Root record) should contain

* The www record should be of type CNAME and contain (including the '.' at the end)

You should contact your specific provider for support if you experience difficulties making these changes. If you’re unsure of your domain provider, you can check the registrar on WHOIS here.

If you have a domain pointed to your site which you no longer require, you can remove this by logging into the editor, navigate to the 'Admin' section, and select 'Site Address' from the side bar. Select the domain, click on the trashcan icon to remove.

Any questions? Please raise a support query or contact us through social media.


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