Set up a mailbox/alias

Creating a mailbox

You can create up to 5 mailboxes for every domain held with us. The mail service we provide includes the following (per domain):

  • 5 separate mail boxes/email addresses 
  • The option to forward email to external email addresses. 
  • Unlimited aliases
  • Enabled for use with mail clients (Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook etc.) 
  • Max number of 'to' addresses when sending from webmail: 10 
  • Max number of 'to' addresses when sending from mail client: 40 
  • Maximum storage quota: 1GB total (across all 5 mailboxes not per mailbox) 
  • Max attachment size: 25 MB. for both webmail and POP/IMAP (if someone tries to send you an email that exceeds that limit, they will get an error message from the mail server, and their mail will not be delivered to you) 
  • Max number of mails sent per minute: 5



  • Click Manage > Email & Settings, next to the domain you are creating the mailbox for. When the panel loads, Choose 'Add a new email configuration', select ‘Create a new mailbox’, then ‘Next’.
  • Here you can fill in the mailbox name and password. The 'Mailbox name' is the first part of any email address, for example info (if you are setting up Create a password (make sure the password you enter is at least 8 characters long and does not contain any words from the English dictionary), and check the boxes to enable anti-spam/virus filters.
  • Click 'Create' to complete the setup.


Creating an alias

You also have the option to add ‘aliases’ to each mailbox. These are alternate addresses that all forward straight to the main mailbox you set up. So, if you created as a mailbox, you could have any number of aliases for that address e.g.,  Any mail sent to the alias addresses will be delivered to the main yourname@yourdomain mailbox. 

Note: Please be aware that you cannot login using an alias and all alias addresses MUST be unique across the whole account. Creating any duplicates addresses (you can only use an address once, whether it’s for a mail box, or an alias) can cause a conflict and mail may NOT be delivered.



  • Click on the Mailbox from the dropdown menu
  • Add the alias in the box, eg, then click 'Add'.
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