Pointing an external domain to us

This is required if you want to continue managing your domain with your current provider, rather than transfer to us. You can check who your registrar is here.


Pointing the domain

Just ask your domain registrar to make the following changes:

  • Add a CNAME record named 'www', and point it to cdn.sitemakerlive.com. - with the dot at the end
  • Change the root or 'apex' A record so that it points to

Note: You can even copy and paste those instructions in an email. Your registrar will know what to do.

GoDaddy and 1&1 may not require the '.' at the end of cdn.sitemakerlive.com. The pointing should work without it.


Adding the domain to a site

  • Next, log into your site, go to ‘Admin’ on the top tool bar, then 'Site Address'. When the domain panel loads, type in your domain name and click 'Add'.
  • You can also choose a preferred site address. This is the address you would like search engines to show in their listings. To set your own domain as the preferred address, just use the drop down menu and select from the list. This domain will now appear in the address bar, and in search engines.
  • You can still add multiple domains, and use them to access the site. However, they will revert to the preferred address, when a user lands on the site. Note: Always use the preferred address in services e.g. Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.


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