Registering a domain

With Moonfruit you can register your own unique and personalised domain name e.g.

This will make your site address shorter, more memorable, and more visible to search engines.

When you launch a website with us, we provide you with a free Moonfruit address e.g., however you can replace this with a domain name when you have a paid subscription with us.


How to register

  • Type your ideal site name into the search box, and click ‘Search’. We'll then be able to tell you what extensions (.com,, .net etc.) are available with that site name.
  • You can then choose to buy any number of the domains from the available list and proceed to the checkout. There is no limit to how many domains you can register and manage though us. 

Note: Most popular names or words are already taken in the most popular extensions, so you may need to try a few times to get a domain name you are happy with.


How long does it take?

We aim to get your domain registered as quickly as possible - normally within a few minutes of receiving the payment.

Once that is complete, we send out a confirmation e-mail letting you know that the domain name now belongs to you.

Note: Technically, your domain may take about half a day to become available worldwide. This is the delay required for the technical information to be distributed throughout the internet. During this time, your website will not be accessible from this domain name.

This delay pertains to DNS propagation and does not depend on us, but rather, on the entire network of servers that make up the internet.


Adding the domain to a site

  • Next, log into your site, go to ‘Admin’ on the top tool bar, then 'Site Address'. When the domain panel loads, type in your domain name and click 'Add'.
  • You can also choose a preferred site address. This is the address you would like search engines to show in their listings. To set your own domain as the preferred address, just use the drop down menu and select from the list. This domain will now appear in the address bar, and in search engines.
  • You can still add multiple domains, and use them to access the site. However, they will revert to the preferred address, when a user lands on the site. Note: Always use the preferred address in services e.g. Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.



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