Delay to Mobile Editor Release

Earlier in the year we had hoped to release our Mobile Editor late March. We did advise that this would be dependent on testing and we have decided to push back release to iron out a few last minute issues. We are still aiming for a release in April, but the development of this tool has uncovered one or two bugs and we felt did not meet our quality standards. So it was decided to hold back on the release for a few more weeks to iron out those issues and release the Mobile Editor when we felt confident it would pass our testing.

We appreciate a lot of you are very keen to see the release of this new tool as highlighted by many questions in our Forum, on Facebook and on the blog. Please just bear with us a little longer while we work towards ironing out the last minute issues.

Many thanks for your interest in our progress, and thanks also for your patience. We really do hope you think the wait is worth it.


~ Walt

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