ShopBuilder 1.0 Open Beta


Although a more general summary of updates and fixes is coming later, we figured it a good idea to let you know about some of the bigger ShopBuilder changes. There are some important changes to be aware of:

You will no longer see the "Product Detail", "Shopping Cart" and "Sale Confirmation" pages displayed in the pages drop-down or People sections – you should use the shop pages drop-down (which displays at the bottom of the toolbar) to access these pages for editing.

We have rolled out a way for you to get updates to items on the shop pages. Select the item on one of the pages - if there is an update available you will see the "Update" tab appear in the editor. Next click the button to confirm you want to update. You may have to re-apply some of your design changes. Remember to save your page to keep the update.

It is important that you visit each of your shop pages (Product Catalog, Product Detail, Shopping Cart, Sale Confirmation) and update each of the main elements. If you don't update all your pages, you might experience some oddness.

In future we'll keep the template updates to a minimum, only releasing when there are cool new features.

Some of the other new features are:

• You can now set a single shipping price so that you can charge for shipping costs
• You can now set the status of a product choosing from "Available", "Coming soon", "Sold out" or "hidden".
• You can now set custom metadata on a product to help with SEO
• The product detail page image gallery has new layout and styling options
• Shoppers are now notified of PayPal errors when using the desktop view
• Copy site will copy your shop content
• You can now easily navigate from the admin to your product pages
• A bunch of other tweaks to the admin and shop pages

This isn't the end of ShopBuilder updates, by any means - we are still working on other new features and requests, and will be continuing to add new things.



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