ShopBuilder Public Beta

We are delighted to announce that we are opening up our ShopBuilder Beta to the public! We are planning the initial full release of our ShopBuilder feature in the next couple of weeks, but for those eager souls who want to get stuck in early (and we know there are quite a few), this is for you!

To take part in the beta programme, you will need to visit Shop Beta, read the information there and then login and join the site. By joining Shop Beta, you will automatically have the shop feature enabled in your own sites. It's that simple! Please take the time to read the information at Shop Beta to find out about what features are available, what the known issues are and the ways to get help and give us feedback during the beta period.

We are also excited to let you know that we are looking for a select group of Moonfruiters to be part of our launch event (click the link for details), which we will be hosting with PayPal and StartupBritain in London on October 19th. What's in it for you is direct help and advice from our support and design team in developing your online shop and the chance to promote your site during the event. In order to be eligible you have to:

  1. be familiar with Moonfruit's tools
  2. have products to sell
  3. have 5-8 hours to spare

If you are eligible, please submit a ticket with the subject 'VIP Seller Programme' by the end of the day, Friday, 7th October


Updated 4th October: Added link to launch event details.

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