Point Release Thursday, 23 June

UPDATE Thursday 23 June PM: These are the updates and bug fixes we released today -

•    5 new templates (Your Fitness, Snoop, Vacation, Stock and Primer)
•    Beta Blog page now renders entries in one go, and faster
•    Bug Fix - Google Search widget now working correctly
•    Bug Fix - Grid template now has Login widget on login page
•    Bug Fix - Forum widget search function now working again
•    Bug Fix - Google Services websites now open again in Services


UPDATE Thursday 23 June AM: Going live in 5 minutes. You should see no impact on your site or service but please do back up or save any current work as a simple precaution.


Tomorrow morning (Thurs 23 June) we will be doing a minor release. This should have minimal (if any) impact on any websites or service. 

There will be some new templates, some improvements to the Beta Blog, and some bug fixes.

 More details tomorrow once the release goes out.


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