Software update: 9th June

Sorry it's a bit late, but this is a summary of what was released today. It was nearly all bug fixes, but I will let you know when new features are added!

- Members added to Groups weren't displayed until site was refreshed.
- Sending message to single user or group did not work.
- Loading bar did not show between pages.
- Line wrapping in RSS feed could make links look strange.
- Google Webmaster Tools verification not working.
- Toolbar did not load when images were missing from Page Master
- Blog: Publish button should have be enabled when opening a draft post.
- Blog: Menu did not reflect current status when selecting a new post.
- Blog: Clicking Blog menu opened 'Add a text post'.
- Blog: When adding an image to the Blog, the distance between image and preceding text was too short.
- Miscellaneous backend fixes.



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