What we're working on Tues 15 March

After feedback over the last few days from our customers we are now working the following issues and taks: 

  1. Making the Pricing page clearer for existing subscribers (especially on an older package that isn't available to new users)
  2. Implementing an improved billing page with detailed history of payments, how you paid (card, paypal etc), downloadable receipts, and which should also clarify your subscription state (on monthly/annual), renewal date and making renewal easier
  3. Reintroducing the domains module, on the profile page making domain and email management easier
  4. We're also reviewing the designs for users with lots of sites to make accessing specific sites simpler
  5. Looking at fixing a bug for the overdue payments panel - this appears between 1-3 days after your subscription expires allowing you to renew (and yes it will be on the same package!)  
  6. We are still looking to migrate some Forum data from the old mf forum to the new one
  7. Improving clarity around the Search Support feature (Forum, FAQ, Guides). You simply add text to the search box at the top of the Get Help page and hit 'enter' - the 'Submit a request' button beside Search is throwing a few customers and the search field should have a feint 'search' embedded in the field as it does on the blog and on the home page
  8. We're fixing an IE (7 & 8) where the Add Article button (or Ask a question) in any of the forum posts is missing although it works OK in FF and Chrome
  9. Links in Directory should be fixed tomorrow
  10. Fixed: We've also renamed Community Help to a heading more familiar to existing users: Help from Site Leaders - where the community can ask advice from Site Leaders and power users.
  11. Fixed: We've added in a new forum - again borrowing from the old site - called General Comments and Chat.
  12. Fixed: The Share & Learn forum has now been renamed to Forum
  13. Fixed: We will change the footer link (at bottom of page) from Share & Learn to Forum this afternoon but the current link will take you to the same location
  14. Fixed: There is a patch in testing to put the "visitor count" widget back in, but you can see stats through the Toolbar on your site under Admin > Statistics. And as has been mentioned you can also use Google Analytics for more detailed stats on your visitors.
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