Moonfruit Update: 24 March 2015

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update of the current development work we are carrying out here at Moonfruit as we haven’t released any new features for the last few months.

The team has been working on improving the underlying services which are the foundations of the Moonfruit experience. Here are some examples of projects our development team have worked on the past 6 months and are due for release in the next two quarters.

- Work behind the scenes to improve uptime/availability

- Introduction of a new and improved support centre to enable customers to better navigate to the information and help they need.

- Introduction of a new billing platform, to ensure safe, secure and reliable billing of subscriptions and domain purchases, and to align to changes in EU VAT legislation

- Brand new domains interface to improve the experience of purchasing and managing your domains

Whilst security, stability and quality are things which are taken for granted in a modern digital world, they take a lot of careful development to ensure. We’ve been working extremely hard to make sure we’ve got these well covered.

That said, going forward our focus will be back to the editor, delivering those long awaited features such as membership and image gallery and more. We appreciate your patience in the meantime, we will make a more conscious effort to communicate the work we are undergoing, even if it is less exciting than hoped.

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