Software Update: 30 October 2014

This release will include the addition of the following functionality:

  •  Promo Codes (V6 only): you can now add promo codes to your Moonfruit shop. There are three types available including percentage, fixed amount, or free shipping. You can read more in our FAQ:
  •  Google maps Snidget (V6 only): It is now easier than ever to add a Google map to your site. You can read the FAQ here:

The software update is now live, you may need to log out of your account then back in to see the changes.

Please note: you must update your shop for your customers to be able to use promo codes. You can update you shop using these steps:

  • Log in to edit your site
  • navigate to the shop page
  • select the shop component (single click)
  • In the floating editor, click the 'Update' tab and click on 'Update widget


  • Repeat the above steps for each shop component (although it should be only the 'Shopping cart' and Sale 'confirmation' components that need updated), each can be accessed from the small drop down option (pictured below)



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