Closure of Widgetbox

Sad news for Widgetbox fans. Unfortunately, they will be closing down on 28th March 2014:

For anyone not aware of who  Widgetbox are; they’re a third party who provide a service for adding applications to your site, and have been suggested as a resource by ourselves for some time.

However, as of next week, they will be no more, so we will be removing them as an option from our ‘Services’ panel.

So, how does this affect you?

If you’ve never used Widgetbox, then it won’t make any difference to your site. If you do use them, don’t panic.

Any Widget box elements on your site will stop working, but the majority of snippets you have set up will be usable through our own HTML widget (Insert-> HTML snippet)

You will just need to remove the current Widgetbox variants and recreate them with our own tool. Please contact support if you require any further info or help with that.


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