The Contact form returns!

The Contact form returns!

The most requested feature for v6 (Don’t worry Blog fans. That’s coming soon) is here.

More complicated to realise in v6 than initially thought, this is very much a basic version of the old form you may have used in v5. 

However, as the ‘beta’ tag suggests there is a lot of development still to come….In fact, we’re working away right now on the re-introduction of style variations and more complex customisation options.

We hope to add these over the coming months, but thought we’d get this first phase out to you as soon as it became possible.

OK. How does it work?

Well, pretty much like it always has.

Login to your site and go to ‘Insert’ on the top tool bar, then ‘Contact form (beta)’ on the left hand side.


…And, there it is.  Contact form (beta).


As we were saying there only three field types at the moment. They can’t be edited or removed, and all three are ‘required fields’, so a visitor has to complete each before they can submit.


…and the ‘Email’ field also requires a valid email address to be entered before submission.


You can still change the shape of the form in the usual way of dragging and stretching, but the options through the Editor are limited.

So, you can’t amend the style, colour, add to or remove the three existing fields just yet.


You can check which email address the form data will be sent to through the ‘Editor’-> ‘Data’ tab.


In later releases you will be able to change the receiving address simply by typing into the field shown.

In the meantime, you will need to go through ‘Admin’-> ‘Site information’.


…and change the ‘Site email address.


Note: Please be aware that all services that are reliant on the ‘Site email address’ to contact you e.g. 'Stock notifications' will be affected by the change.

…And there you go. Contact form (beta) is now yours to use.

We’ll keep you updated on future updates over the next few months, but please do let us know if you have any other questions.

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