...And now for some we made (or migrated) earlier.

Before unleashing the migrate feature we thought it would be a good idea to test a few bonafide sites from the community. So we got in touch with a few of our favourites to ask if they’d mind us making copies of their v5 sites to use as guinea pigs for the migrate process. Like the agreeable types they are, they said ‘yes’, and away we went. 

There’s something in it for them, of course – they get to see what their migrated site will look like and, if they decide to proceed for real, they have our insightful notes on the process. (You may find them useful too...)

Site 1. The Make District 


Site features to consider: Blog, custom-made menu and lots of images 





The Make District used a lot of images to build their site and as such it has migrated successfully, with little needed in terms of post-migration editing and reformatting. The site is clean and crisp, with a simple background and standard fonts, all of which have been migrated. 

One thing to note is that, after migration, a standard menu appeared in the middle of the main image on the home page (and other pages). This is because The Make District built their own menu from images. To rectify this, all they need to do is delete the new menu from the Page Master. 

The main loss is their blog, which hasn't migrated as it’s a feature that isn’t yet supported in v6. 





Our verdict: Even though the blog can't be migrated at the moment, they could work around this by  duplicating the v5 site first, migrating the copy and then adding a link back to the blog page on the old site. 

Alternatively, they could also use a third party source through our HTML widget.


Site 2. Moonko


Site features to consider: Slideshows, fonts, menu, shop, link buttons, form 

Home page/Before




Moonko uses three different typefaces (for their body copy, ‘follow us’ text, and the logo), all of which have been mapped to a similar Google font in the migration process. The main issue here is that the font they used for their logo on their v5 site will change as a result of the migration, which will have an impact on their brand identity. 

They also have a slideshow on the home page – a feature that isn’t supported yet. If they do choose to migrate for real, they could swap introduce a static image in its place, or they could add a third-party slideshow widget. 

Their menu (which appears in the same position across the site) has been changed to a default menu in the migration process. This is easy to rectify in the Page Master. 





Moonko use link buttons for shop navigation on their v5 site. These have been replaced by default link buttons. They could either edit the link buttons, replace them, or add a shop menu (this is the option we recommend). A shop menu would use any categories they have defined as menu items. Fonts have been mapped, as with the homepage. 





The fonts have also been mapped here and look noticeably different in places. Although the font size is the same, it renders differently. 





The designer pages use slideshows – lots of them. These would need to be replaced with widgets or images and with so many this would be time consuming. Again, fonts have been mapped. 





Again, the slideshows and fonts would need attention. 

Contact Us/Before




This page uses a form, which isn’t a supported feature. This would either need to be replaced with a third-party widget or static text. Fonts would also need some attention.  

Our verdict: Moonko will need to balance their desire for a tablet-friendly v6 site with the effort it would take to change the many slideshows on their site. They’ll also need to consider whether the font changes, particularly with the logo – impact adversely on their brand identity. Food for thought!

If they don’t have the time they could wait until slideshow feature is introduced to v6.

To find out more about the migrate process:

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