Migrate your site from v5 to v6

As v6 is still being developed, there are a few things you need to consider carefully before you go ahead and migrate – some features aren't yet supported, so you may choose to wait until they are. And, if you do decide to migrate now, it's likely that you'll need to do a bit of editing and reformatting post-migration.

We strongly recommend that you pay close attention to these notes as well as the notes throughout the migrate process to make the right choices for your site.

You can migrate your site in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Pre-migration

Before you start, if you are able to, we recommend you copy your v5 site...

Login to the site and go to 'Admin'-> 'Copy site'

This will not take a complete deep copy of your website i.e. with all your information and data. However, the site copy will serve as either a good reference point for look and feel when editing your v6 site or you can use the site copy to migrate to v6 saving your original v5 website as back-up. So, creating a site copy provides two options:

1. Use the site copy to migrate (it may be missing site data) to v6 and compare with the original v5 site

2. Use the original to migrate (it will be missing some features e.g. slideshows etc) to compare with the copied v5 site

If you have a large site that will take you a while to edit, then consider carefully whether you make a copy and migrate that or you migrate the original. You may want to hide some or all of your pages, or you could add splash page with a message, telling your visitors your site is being updated.

Step 2: Initiate

To initiate the migration use the "Migrate to Version 6" button (top left of the Toolbar).

You will then be given some important information on the "Before you jump in..." panel with an overview of some differences as well as a link to features not currently supported:

"Click here to view our unsupported list". We urge you to read the information on this panel before clicking "Preview my site".

Then you'll be shown a full preview of what your site will look like in v6. You can't edit this preview (we hope to introduce that soon), but you can navigate and check all the pages. You may notice that some things are missing or look different. This will vary from site to site.

Things that will be missing:

Image effects – you can replace them with a static image
Membership – though Site Admin restrictions to pages or site will still be available
Slide show
Crop tools
Juke Box
One track
Chat widget
Social bookmarks

Things that may look different:

Menu and shop categories: these have been replaced with default menus
Blank spaces where unsupported elements once were
Special effects like bevels, shadows etc

Step 3: Migrate

Once you migrate to v6 you'll need to edit your site to correct any elements that are missing and elements that look different. If you're happy with your preview and think you can edit your site then you're good to migrate. Use the "Proceed to migration" button top right of the Toolbar. But ONLY if you're satisfied you can work with the changes. 

If you're not sure, or think you can't manage without missing elements, then you can cancel and return back to your v5 site. Keep checking our blog (Moonfruit Lounge) as we will continue to introduce more features over the coming months.

PLEASE NOTE! Migration is a one-way process; you won't be able to revert back to your v5 site once you click "Proceed to migration".

Step 4: Edit

Once your site has migrated you'll need to edit it, paying attention to the areas where elements are missing and the areas where elements look different. If you copied your v5 site you can open up the v5 version in another tab or another window on the same browser.

Alternatively, you could open another browser (Chrome and Firefox are great alternatives for testing) and use it as a reference point for comparing sites - we found this very useful!

If you want more info before proceeding, why not checkout the articles below...

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