v6 Beta Launch: 10:00-10:30 GMT 28 Feb 2013

UPDATE 10:30 GMT: Release of v6 Beta complete. Please see our comparison table of features between v5 (Flash) and v6 (HTML5) in our FAQ below. Please also see our article on known issues.

UPDATE 09:45 GMT: Release will be going out in 15mins - Please remember to save any changes you have made to your site, now.

We will be rolling out an update to the software between 10:00 and 10.30 GMT on Thursday, 28th February 2013. Although no disruption to service is anticipated, we recommend that users save any changes before this time. After this time, we advise customers to hit refresh on their browsers to ensure that they have the latest version.
This update will include:

  • Shop Functionality
  • Link button & Drop-Down menus
  • Pagemaster, background & global text default styles
  • Metadata bug fix
  • Login Widget - Site Owner and Admin can Login directly to the site
  • Mobile Redirect options (V5 & V6)
  • Chatango & Wufoo Form added to HTML Snippet Widget
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