[UPDATED: 26/10/2012] - End of the old Gandi webmail

UPDATE 26TH OCTOBER: Gandi rolled back the changes that were applied yesterday, so you will be able to use the old webmail very soon. The migration to Roundcube will now happen on November 12th.

This should give you enough time to back up your address books - if you need assistance with this please contact the Support Team.

UPDATE 25TH OCTOBER: Gandi had to roll this update earlier than we'd originally expected, which means anyone using their webmail service is currently being redirected to Roundcube. You can still access the old webmail app though, via the following page:


Please make sure to use your full mailbox address to log in, i.e: mailbox@domainname.tld

If you need to back up your old address book from the webmail application, please use IE9 - the export function should work using this browser. Under Mac computer, you should be able to do this using older versions of Firefox or Safari. If you run into any issue during this process though please contact the Support Team for assistance.


Gandi will stop providing access to the old webmail application, in about 2 weeks (there is no exact date for the moment). If you purchased your domain name before July 2011, there's a chance you are still using this - especially if you access the application via a url such as:


If this is the case, you will soon be redirected the RoundCube mail instead when using this url.


If you created an address book via the old webmail application, you need to move it to Roundcube, by following these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer 9
  2. Check that you enable pop-ups (Tools > Internet Options > Privacy, untick 'Pop-up Blocker')
  3. Visit http://mail.gandi.net/
  4. Write down your log-in details, select the Advanced interface, and click on Login
  5. Click on the Icon 'Address Book', and then on the icon 'Export'
  6. In the pop-up window, click on Save. This will create a .csv file on your computer.
  7. Convert the .csv file into a vCard file, through your mail client application (such as Outlook)
  8. Import your vCard file in Roundcube: log-in on https://webmail.eu.com > Address book > Import contacts
  9. If any issue with one of the above steps, please raise a ticket on our support, we will be happy to help you with that.
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