Latest Update on HTML5 [UPDATED 20.12.2012]


Release 2 will now be made available in the New Year. We’re working to incorporate as much community feedback as possible for the Beta (Release 2) and are focused on making features you’ve requested, such as the shop and blog, available as soon as possible in the New Year. For further details on the rollout plan see this blog post:


The full article can be read on our Moonfruit Blog here.

The first version was originally due to ship in late September. We are now targeting mid-November, with further updates to follow in December, January and February.

A brief timetable is provided below:

Release 1 - 14th November (Now 20th November) - Early Access Preview

Release 2 - 19th December - Beta

Release 3 - Late January/Early February - Live

Release 4 - January/February - Upgrade Beta (convert existing sites)

We do appreciate your patience, and we know that some of you will still be frustrated by the delays. But given the huge undertaking of the task, and mammoth efforts of the development team, we're pleased with the progress and look forward to delivering this to you shortly.

More details on each release are available on our Blog.


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