SiteMaker Release 5.12

SiteMaker Release 5.12

Yesterday's release contained the following updates and fixes:


  • Five new templates: Minimalist, Flavours, Stitched, Mochi, Typetastic and Festival
  • Domains panel now linked to new Gandi API, allowing for integration of upcoming improvements
  • Page editors can now enable resize to fit for Shop product images*
  • Custom icon can now be set for Facebook shop
  • Flash URLs now load the correct page on mobile devices
  • Added mobile HTML Support for Windows Phone


  • 'Contact Us' form on no longer gives a reCAPTCHA error
  • Customers can no longer create duplicate email addresses

* To enable this, double-click through the layers of the Shop widget until 'ProductImage' (Product catalog) or 'MainImage' (Product detail) is selected. Go to the Style tab in the editor box, and select 'Keep aspect ratio'. A video guide will arrive shortly.

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