Software Update Summary

For those of you interested in what we released this morning, wait no more. You'll be glad to hear that we’ve been beavering away making it easier for you to help yourself – the new release brings improved access to help content as well as a range of video tutorials (more on that to come).
The shiny new Help drop down (coloured blue on the right hand side of the tool bar) contains an integrated FAQ search to help you answer those pressing questions as well as links to user guides and the tutorials already mentioned above.
If you’re brand new to Moonfruit (or currently on Trial) you’ll be presented with a quick tour of the main features to help you orient yourself.
We’ve fixed a minor niggle with the HTML widget – if you have one on the Page Master but have the Page Master hidden on a page e.g. a splash page, then the HTML content will now be correctly hidden also.
Finally, a bit of a curve ball – we’ve added align and distribute tools to the edit menu to help speed up laying out your pages. You can align objects on your page in a variety of ways.

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