Great News! Moonfruit acquired by Yell

This morning brings the exciting news that Moonfruit has been acquired by the Yell Group. This move is strategically benefit both businesses.

Yell are a global business, with their HQ based in Reading (United Kingdom). With roots that stem back to British Telecom and the original UK Yellow Pages, Yell are now a leading global organisation dedicated to supporting SMBs (Small Medium Businesses) marketing activities, around the world.

The Moonfruit business will carry on as usual for customers, staff and the development of our product. We remain committed to delivering new and innovative features as set out in our development roadmap and we will also continue to improve on our Customer Service delivery.

The Moonfruit team will remain based in our London office.

For more details please visit our Blog page and read the latest article to customers by our CEO, Wendy Tan White.

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