What do I need to do?

With the ICO updating its guidelines to permit 'implied consent', the actions for most website owners will be much simpler.

In summary, if your website does not use Google Analytics, Google AdSense, or any HTML Snippet widgets the only cookies that are placed on a visitor's computer (in their web browser) are functional cookies required to run or access the website. These cookies qualify as exceptions under the legislation.

If you use Google Analytics or Google Adsense you would need to advise your visitor that cookies are used on your website for these services and what they are used for. For more details on these services and what they do you can find appropriate FAQ within this section.

If you use the HTML Snippet Widget, you will need to 1. establish if a cookie is placed (through the code) on the visitor's computer, 2. if so, what that cookie is used for and 3. then advise your visitors of this information. When using the HTML Snippet widget it is your responsibility to inform visitors if cookies are placed by a third-party.

Providing details to your visitors on what cookies are and how they can check their browsers for what cookies have been placed is advised so your visitor can make a well-informed choice on whether to continue browsing your website or not. These details can be found in other FAQ in this section.

Visitors are advised not to turn off all cookies as this can have a serious impact on their web browsing experience. They can however, turn off third-party cookies.

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