Minimum Requirements

To use Moonfruit you should check that you have the following:  

  • A computer running a minimum operating system of Windows XP or Mac OS X (10.5 and above)
  • A web browser of at least IE 8 (MS Internet Explorer) or the latest versions of FF (Mozilla Firefox), Safari (Apple Mac) or Chrome (Google)
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.0 installed (for viewing sites), Flash player 10.3 (for editing sites)
  • Javascript enabled
  • Browser security set to 'Default'
  • Cookies enabled

Most problems with sites not loading correctly can be resolved by clearing your 'temporary internet files' or 'cache' and making sure you have the latest browsers installed.

If you are already up to date, sometimes reinstalling them can will also fix any minor issues.

You may also want to look to see if you have recently installed any new software that may be interfering with your browser, especially any anti-virus or anti-adware software. If you do, try uninstalling or disabling the software (it can be switched back on later) and try visiting your site again.


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